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This pendant is made with real, preserved rose petals and dragon scales. We carefully collect all pieces of nature used in our products, and for this design we add shed scales from our pet bearded dragon named Alduin. Each one is as unique as the nature within so they will be different from the ones photographed. 


The chain can be 16", 18", 20", or 24", and is typically silver plated, although, you can pay extra for a material upgrade. All metal is nickel and lead free.

Roses N Dragons Design - Silver

  • All of our pieces are lovingly made by hand and perfectly preserve a little piece of nature inside. Every piece of nature used is carefully collected and curated, and ranges from leaves, flowers, tree bark, mushrooms, & more! We love making it possible for our customers to always carry a little bit of nature with them wherever they go.





    Don’t use harsh chemicals as they will damage the surface of the resin. To disinfect your earrings use alcohol only on the metal. Allow perfumes and lotions to dry before wearing.


    Remove before entering water, before sleeping, and before exercising. Don’t leave in extreme heat or direct sunlight.


    Clean with mild soap and water if needed. Use a nonabrasive towel, polishing cloth, or tissue to dry.

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