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Nature Inspired Resin Jewelry & Artworks

Each Piece As Unique As the Nature Preserved Inside

Roses N Dragons Designs is a small, woman-owned business local to Rhode Island & Massachusetts that produces handmade nature-inspired resin jewelry & artworks. Each piece is unique and perfectly preserves little bits of nature inside. Artist, Melanie Rose, carefully collects and curates every piece of nature used, ranging from leaves, flowers, tree bark, mushrooms, & more! 


Our Story

Roses N Dragons has been a passion project of ours before we even realized its potential. As avid adventurers and lovers of the great outdoors, we would admire and capture nature within photography. Eventually the question came, "With all of these beautiful possibilities, what more can we do?" The excitement one has while looking at bees resting upon flowers or mushrooms growing amongst moss and the mesmerizing bright colors of autumn leaves does not need to be temporary. By ethically and responsibly harvesting, we can capture those moments forever in an incredible new way. Now, every trip outside, every excursion, is spent chasing the next big find to craft even more unique artwork. Business ideas never came short to us and sooner or later our fate was meant to create.

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